From the “Y” generation and Millenials the world has changed in many aspects. Not only came changes with innovative technology and a perspective of life and the future somewhat independent and autonomous, but social networks brought the greatest social evolution of recent times.

Each company, local business and mobile is adapted to users who are continuously more willing to publicly display not only their day to day but also intimate topics.

It was to be hoped that the economic benefits of social media would begin to be realized.
Celebrities, politicians, companies, brands, sportsmen, etc. have discovered how to take advantage of this new way of communicating through the management of so-called social networks.

Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing, Community Manager, among others, are some of the terms that you will listen to and find if you decide to learn to take advantage of the networks.

DumplingNet is a complete digital agency that brings a fresh, complete and totally guaranteed proposal for the services of Social Media Manager, Community Manager, Web Development, App Development, Graphic Design, Photography – Video, SEO Positioning and Copywriting.

Not only do we want to focus on the “present”, we want to look at the future too, trying to go hand in hand with the customer and take it to another level, a level where conventional advertising is not enough and digital environments are not a commercial option anymore if Not that they end up being the best decision. Through these new channels we will communicate with your clients and your audience in a more interactive way.

Santo Domingo, January 19, 2016


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