Collaboration, in a simple definition, is the work done by a group of people to reach a goal that can not get a single individual. And you wonder why we talked about this in DumplingNet?

Collaboration is the primary motivation chosen by the KOLA REAL brand for its 360 campaign in 2012, as a concept that will truly represent the brand and that will also last over time. But what is really interested in this campaign? The result. We want to emphasize that correctly applied strategy and management can give to your brand a huge leap in the market. So let’s see …

The slogan of the “THINK IN BIG” campaign promotes that we must work as a team, or many teams that come together for thought to reach another level, alluding to the size of dreams. Executive Luis Guillermo, Marketing Manager of the label, said that since his arrival in the country Kola Real has demonstrated the social commitment he keeps with the communities. Therefore, continuing with this motto, has decided to create this initiative of “Kolaboration”.

In a small interview with the Creative Director and Founder, Guillermo E. Pérez, of the advertising agency 20/20 Publicidad, In a small interview with the Creative Director and Founder, Guillermo E. Pérez, of the advertising agency 20/20 Publicidad, who were in charge of developing the concept of the campaign, tells us that it was a transition step to move from what the Brand was and represented to be able to even rethink its consumers, printing a sense of appreciation that deepened their relationship.


The most important decision in such a project is to maintain the focus so that the execution is correct. The campaign was a first step for several in strategy and management. In 6 months the brand went from 30% to 47% total of the soft drink market. Leaving 53% distributed among Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7up, Red Rock and Country Club


KOLA REAL went from having 12 followers to more than 200,000 in the social networking giant, Facebook. But not only are they in favor of propagating the collaboration, in addition, related to this campaign, in December of that same year is launched “A Christmas in Grande” where for every Kola Real that was bought it would be Kolaborando for a special good night for children people in need.

In the end, what we believe is that behind the slogan “Think Big” is more than an individual can think. All together, parents, grandparents, children, students, housewives, toast for a country of people who collaborate and think big.- Luis Guillermo, Marketing Manager.


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