We spend a lot of time creating quality content for our sites: we search for keywords, we investigate interesting data about our subject, we structure it properly and we think for a long time what the title will be.

But how much we strive to share it optimally, to write a really attractive companion text that calls followers to click on our links, to “like” or other action that we want?.

Many people do not put much effort into this aspect of web marketing: they share the same titles of their publications in social networks and, of course, add the URLs.

They do not analyze if the tone of the brand may allow the use of emoticons, perhaps it would be a good idea to associate the content that is intended to be shared with a popular “hastagor to mention certain people who will probably reward the publication and thus the content will have a greater reach.

While many people have this neglected style of sharing content, it is worth remembering that a digital project managed in this way could be missing opportunities to achieve greater impact and generate more conversions.

As professor Óscar Coromina says, in the digital world, ““because of the quality of the contents we make, they are at serious risk of being completely unnoticed if they are not well positioned in search engines”.

And to this we must add that not only in the search engines: also in social networks, which at present constitute one of the main sources of traffic (31%, according to a report by Shareaholic).

“Over the years our media consumption habits have changed drastically. We rely less on the main pages and the search engines, we find the news that concerns us through social networks And direct messaging in mobile applications.”

To this conclusion comes Danny Wong, author of a review on the report of Shareaholic, published in the blog of this company that offers different digital marketing services.

Have you found a good badly titled or badly shared content on the web, which you clicked by chance? Tell us about your experience.

The keys to sharing content in an optimal way in social networks

There are several actions that we can implement when sharing our content in social networks to make them more attractive. They cost us nothing (except a little time to use them properly).

Good complementary text

The written word is always part of our publications in social networks, it does not matter if what we share is a video, an infograph, an image or a link to an article.

It is imperative that the text that is used to complement the shared content even gives reason to the reader to stop and look at it .

Carlos Lluberes, author of the blog, recommends a form, which although it is more oriented towards ads in the networks, could be applicable to “sell” any content. Its strategy consists of the following:

1) raise a need or novelty + 2) present a value proposition + 3) specify a call to action.

Using this same article as an example, a good complementary text to share it could be the one that follows:

Do you spend a lot of time creating good content for your blog but nobody reads you? + 2) In this post we tell you how you could improve this situation 3) Click and read it!

What do you think?

Not all social networks will allow us as many characters to sell our content as Twitter, for example. In the same way, let’s keep the idea of giving our followers some reason why we should listen to them.

Use emotincons

Emoticons, well used, are very useful when sharing publications: they help us to save long words, make our fans’ experiences more enjoyable and give dynamism to the complementary text.

If a brand that we manage can use emotícones, we must integrate them. Remember that entertainment is one of the main reasons why people make use of social networks.

Make mentions and label

Whenever we have space to mention or label a person we must take this opportunity. It helps us to have a greater level of scope, It helps us to have a greater level of scope

Who to mention or label? To the people we interviewed to document our post, to the collaborators of the company who participated in the realization of the content, a fan of the brand that always gives us a like or leave us a comment on our networks … to mention some examples.

Add hashtags

Hashtags or labels make our content look very cool on social networks. But this is not the reason why it is advisable to use them when sharing content.

These words or phrases written next to the number sign, when used as part of the supplementary text, Fulfill the function of making “localizable” our content…

What do we mean by localizable? Well, when a user does a search on a social network through tags, and our content has an integrated upg, then it is very likely to be visible to the seeker.

Carlos Lluberes gives a good explanation of how the tags work and how we can integrate them in the moment of sharing a content in this article.

Now that you have the necessary tips to strategically share your content, it’s time to start applying them. Good luck and see you next time!


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