Today, Dumplingnet Dumplingnet interviews Iván Méndez who participated in the edition of PHOTOIMAGEN 16 with a proposal of snapshots made with a FUJI INSTAX camera.

Dumplingnet: What is your name, how old are you and where were you born?

Iván Méndez : My name is Iván Mández, I am 42 years old and I was born in Bonao RD.

Dnet: What made you leave the mechanics and dedicate yourself to photography?

I.M.: Jajjajajajajaja I have not left the mechanics, what happens is that I do not live from it like the photograph. It is my other great love, just as the sea changes profession, because the decisions have to be taken at the moment, and I said one day, what would happen if I do not return to this office more? And that happened 16 years ago. Today I live my passion that is chasing the light.

Dnet: Cite 3 photographers who inspire you, current or past.

I.M.: Arnold Newmann, Joe Mcnnally and Phillip Halsmann.

Dnet: Is this the first year you participate in PHOTOIMAGEN? Tell us the experience.

I.M.: This is not my third time. The first was in the first festival the proposal was called “looks back and forth” and was a way to show how our neighbors see the Haitian people. Two years later I participated in another collective called “diverse devotions”, we analyzed how religion is reflected in all aspects of our daily lives.

In this past edition, however and I think for the first time outside of my first individual “Portraits 2013”, I exhibited a sample purely mine without any interference. Instant camera photography is a medium very little used at the moment and I wanted to use it to reflect the people as it is, without much tecnisismo. It was frank and direct.

Dnet: Have you ever thought about practicing another medium of art?

I.M.: If you call me much installation and video performance.

Dnet: In your opinion, what is required to be a photographer?

I.M.: To be a photographer you need to stop and observe slow down a little and hear it takes discipline and see things like children with new eyes every day

Dnet: Why Fujifilm?

I.M.:  Jjajajajajajajajaja the cameras are work tools and each one is different from me.
I like it and it’s comfortable and above all it’s super discreet

Dnet: Do you prefer to work alone or in company? Why?

I.M.:  I usually work alone but I love the company 4 eyes see more than two

Dnet: In your opinion, what about having a good photo?

I.M.:  A message the main work of photography is to communicate if not communicating is only a picture with color or without the ……

Dnet: What is the strangest thing that happened to you taking photos?

I.M.:  I could tell you so many things to fill three interviews jajajjajajajajaajajajaa.

(Interview conducted in October 2016)

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