This December, we are celebrating a year in Dumplingnet. A year of challenges and another second year presents even more challenging.

These phrases that are the classic clichés that are heard in each company birthday can happen to say the truths.

It is not easy to create a company and create a team, you have to have a good eye and act with intelligence and vision of the future. In Dumplingnet also, we want to train Dominican PYMES to get into the digital world and online advertising and that is not easy. Many phrases tell us again and again; Why do I want a website if I already have facebook? How come I’m spending on social networks if I do not see that it produces an immediate increase in sales?

These beliefs are very difficult to overcome and suppose to explain what some of us find obvious. Advertising and online marketing are good for your company. Is there anyone who does not know Coca Cola or who has never tasted Coca Cola? As it turns out that Coca Cola spends millions of dollars a year on advertising and much is online advertising. If Coca Cola devotes part of its budget to advertising, it will not be because it works?

If something shows us the recent history is that no matter what happens the technology does not stop progressing, in a few years we should not be surprised to see that even our fridge has an Internet connection and warns us that the milk is over. We’ve seen it in movie movies, but it’s not something that makes us science fiction anymore.

The internet network is present in every minute of our life and little by little it will reach the territories in which it has not yet arrived. Wanting to be in there and figured should be a “must” for all brands and we want to spread it on Dumplingnet.


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