According to a study called “The use of the Internet in Latin America” presented by Carlos Jiménez ((director of Datanalisis ) 61% of the Dominican population has access to digital networks.

olombia and the Dominican Republic are the two Latin American countries with the highest growth and Internet penetration.

It is important to know that this growth of Internet penetration in the population is mainly due to the increase in mobile telephony or the increase in the use of smartphones.

42% of Dominicans connect from the Internet from their cell phones, while the average in Latin America is around 39%, Jiménez said.

“The Dominican Republic is above the regional average in the use of the Internet and in turn this use becomes more mobile,” said Jiménez, indicating that this situation is explained by the economic improvement that the country presents and the dynamics of competition in the sector.

The study indicates the high degree of socialization that digital networks have in the country and indicates that the Dominican user is more interested in viewing the news (82%) than reading them and likes to watch and upload videos and photographs.

This, according to Jiménez, shows the high level of sociability of the Dominicans, which is above average in the region, and their keen interest in keeping informed of what happens inside and outside the country.


The analyst explained that China, the United States and Latin America are the three most relevant conglomerates of users of digital networks that speak the same language. He said that 52% of Latin Americans use the network, which is equivalent to 200 million people who speak the same language and use different digital resources.

Also, the study points out that the “Southern Cone” (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) has always stood out in the adoption of internet and its use has greater weight. The Central American countries with the most access are Costa Rica and Panama and Honduras, Nicaragua.


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